Until Next Week!

used with permission from Melissa Lynn Photography

 As previously mentioned in the 31 days series, I will be taking a week off from writing here.
I keep calling it a blog-cation but then realize that doesn’t make much sense. :) But I think it’s catchy and fun to say!
It’s good to have hobbies and time connecting with others but it’s also good to take time for yourself to avoid a burn-out.
I have worked hard lately to make sure there is a good balance when it comes to my time with you.

Too much and you may get sick of me, the house becomes a wreck, and I don’t get too enjoy my family as much.
Too little and our relationship would be unpredictable and confusing!
I want to make sure I’m coming to you healthy and not overwhelmed.

 I have a few projects waiting for me this week.
Organizing the bathroom closet, Catching up on dishes, and deep cleaning this place, and a craft project with the little man!
I hope you have a wonderful week and find some time to relax!


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