The Terrible Twos



Little hairs coated everything. The sucker, my sweater, his angry face, my mouth, and I held tight to a child who was wild to dart out of the salon.  ..Because little boys like mine hate haircuts, they’re like death.  And momma’s like me make mistakes and schedule them for nap times.  What was I thinking!?   So I held him tight and he flipped around like a fish out of water and the man across the way looked on at the scene and I could hear his thoughts but I chose to pray because being God’s daughter I have the privilege of stepping into His presence at any given moment in the day and you bet I was going to take advantage of those needed moments with Him.  My arms grew tired with a struggling toddler but I begged for calm and he delivered as my boy eventually went limp and closed his eyes to sleep.

It’s here. The terrible twos that everyone warns you about but you don’t know how to prepare for.  There are books and loads of advice and trust me, i’ll take it all! But each child is unique and the same goes for moms.  We’re going to fight this out together and I’m going to work on staying calm but firm (and sometimes comforting) and God is going to teach me through this new season.  I am so thankful for his word.  I wanted to repeat scripture in my head and all i could think of was ‘blessed are the peace-makers’ so i recited that one over and over.  I hope that if you’re a mom of a toddler that you would know you’re not alone and we’ll make it through this rite of passage together.  Keep your calm and don’t stress about those that look on.

Would you do me a favor and spill some advice?  In the comments below or on the Facebook page {Click here}?  I would love to gather your words and maybe another mom would benefit from hearing from your experience?  Can’t wait to hear what you have to say!



3 thoughts on “The Terrible Twos

  1. Kim

    My dear Laura… You’re going to have your hands full! Just remember to have patience with him, and allow him to express himself in ways that don’t harm anyone/anything, knowing that he doesn’t know any other way to express his feelings. Don’t be embarrassed when he lashes out in public. Children don’t always understand “now is not the time” when it comes to expressing themselves. Sometimes it just happens and we have to be calm and patient in dealing with that moment. As adults, we’re better equipped to deal with things we don’t enjoy. We grit our teeth and do it. Children do not have that ability.

    Be calm and patient, yet firm and loving. It’s all a learning experience for him, as well as you.

    Good luck!

  2. Anna

    Oh my goodness, for us it was the terrible threes and we are still in it. I have no advice. Take lots if quiet, creative time for yourself, so you can handle it. Also, teach the kids to have their own quiet time. Mine refused to nap, but I was like “it’s quiet time. Go read!”

  3. katie

    Toddlers want control, as much control as they can have! Unfortunately, they don’t know how to do for themselves what needs to be done for them! (In a spiritual sense, we’re all a little like toddlers, aren’t we?)
    I’ve found that if I can give my children opportunities to choose they act much better. In the store I let my toddler decide if he wants to sit in the front of the shopping cart where the kids are supposed to sit or in the back. I let him choose between shirts in the morning. I let him choose which fruit goes with his lunch. If you can give a little choice life is smoother. Maybe next time he can choose a little toy to bring, or maybe he can choose a special treat he’ll get when the haircut is over, or maybe he’ll get to choose which game he gets to play with mom. It puts just a little power back in his hands and that is all a “terrible twos” child wants! 😉
    There’s a comic about terrible twos that fit my kids to a “T”:
    Don’t worry, he’ll outgrow this! And of course the “twos” are not just “terrible”, they are also “terrific”!


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