Pumpkin Painting Party

Garrett and I threw a pumpking painting party yesterday!
I had a lot of fun planning and preparing for our friends to come over.
The greatest part is having a group of friends that are ready to help with anything.
I woke up early to set up and start the 5 boxes of macaroni and cheese and hot dogs.
Grateful for two crockpots!



You can’t go wrong with streamers and balloons!
They are inexpensive and the kids love them.
The balloons didn’t stay put for long with a house full of children!


S                       Yum!


Feeding a group doesn’t have to be very expensive.
Hot dogs and Macaroni was perfect.
I heated up a can of chili for the hot dogs too.
Friends were kind enough to bring side dishes and dessert.

We ended up painting outside since the weather was beautiful!
It was great having a few different spaces for guests to sit.




The kids loved watching this movie! It’s only 25 minutes and they could come and go as they pleased.
I’ve watched this at least 5 times in the last two days with my son!
I’m not even kidding you!

And a party wouldn’t be complete without a surprise, right?

Oh yes, that would be a fox hanging out in our fenced in backyard.
I had went out early in the morning to put the picnic table out and this was waiting for me.
I slowly backed inside and called my close friend to say, “There is a creature in my backyard…help!”
Animal control was able to come and remove him safely.

The kids painting the pumpkins was a hit!
They loved it. :)

Now how in the world do you ration candy for this time of year!?
He has a sweet tooth like his father!


Thanks for stopping in today!
How have you decorated your front porch this year?


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