Military Spouse

I’m a navy wife but consider myself to be a part of this really great military family with a unique sisterhood in the mix.

When I was 20 years old my husband went off to basic training. As of now i’ve only been a military spouse for about 3 years.  Some of the hardest and most blessed years of my life though!

When we first stepped into this unknown world it was overwhelming and confusing.  The healthcare, housing, base rules, and formalities were over my head and i wanted to hide away and pretend like the navy wasn’t going to be a part of my life.
I wish that my experience in the beginning would have been more friendly but as the years go by things have become clear and it’s not so overwhelming. I owe this to the friends who became sisters to me along the way and one incredible mentor who wanted me to embrace this lifestyle and give God the glory.
It’s hard with the deployments, being far from family, PCS’ing, but i’ve really learned in these last years about blooming where God plants us and choosing the right attitude.

I am not an expert and there are probably some military spouses that could better pave the way but i’ll always be honest with you. This part of my blog is a way to share information and an encouraging word on things I was in the dark about before.  No worries, we’ll make it light and fun!

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