Learning Grace


I’m sure that I looked rediculous running down that familiar road.  It was a short and sweet run but it meant something huge to this girl.  I could do it.  It didn’t matter that I ate a terrible lunch, hadn’t exercised in days or that I was sick thinking about actually running.  Because I did it. :)

I’m a big jerk to myself.  Seriously, I have a long reel of negative thoughts replaying in my mind throughout the day and its been on repeat for months..no years.  My insecurity stems from a place in my heart that I continue to water with daily reminders that I’m no good, and never will be.  I spend way too much time focusing on past mistakes (The older I get the longer the list) and mulling over what I should have said or done.  Its an awful way to live when we were meant for freedom!


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However, lately i’ve been living different. I have been speaking kind things to myself and asking God to help me love myself (not in a selfish way but in a good, thankful for who I am kind of way). :)
We can be judgemental of ourselves and often our critical spirits lead to dragging hearts.  Not fun!

What are you giving yourself a hard time about today?
Isn’t it about time you asked God to help you learn grace?  Thinking of you today!



2 thoughts on “Learning Grace

    • Laura Post author

      Sarah, I have to tell you that this new idea to be kinder to self (as simple as it is) makes the days much better. It can be easy to fall back into being led by the flesh instead of the holy spirit, guilty! Anyways thanks so much for leaving a comment and sharing in this with me! I absolutely am loving your blog after taking a peek. You have such an honest heart and I can’t wait to read more!


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