I won’t pretend to have an abundance of wisdom in the motherhood department.  I’m only the mom of one 18 month old but Hey! I have gained some wisdom up to that point that I wouldn’t dare hold back from you. :)

I have 4 bits of encouragement for you


It’s your choice to find joy in pregnancy or not.
(Be aware of the company you complain around..some woman are praying hard for children and she’s dying to be in your shoes)
It’s a God-given gift.


Having a baby is incredible.
If you go natural or choose pain medicine, you are awesome for giving birth to a tiny human! Go you!
Cherish these moments if you are able.
Also..stay home for a few weeks!
Go to the grocery store if you need to go out but seriously give yourself time to adjust and for the crazy woman in you to subside.
Was I the only crazy one out there that sobbed one moment and then was laughing the next?


Don’t blink!
It goes too fast so enjoy each day, even the hard ones.

Soak up that newborn baby all that you can and try not to worry as much as this girl did!
Hey, I’m getting better. :)


Read God’s word as much as you can.  Even if its two verses, read them, repeat them, and remind yourself of them often.
You will need God’s word more than your moms, friend, and husbands.
He is crazy about us and knows the struggles, sleepless nights, tantrums, and all the rest of things being a mother entails.
He wants to walk you through each season so choose to hear Him out daily.

Okay sweet things, its your turn to share your momma wisdom!
You better not shy away from this one either.

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  1. Joanne Davis

    I did enjoy reading your post Lara. I have also read some of your post and I was really inspired. I look forward on reading more of your post. Keep it up.


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