Easy Meatloaf

This was the best meatloaf that i’ve made.  It was very moist and didn’t crumble like usual.

(McCormick mixes are great.)


1-2lbs of ground beef
1 pkg Mccormick meatloaf mix
2 eggs
bread crumbs (dry or soft)
Ketchup for the top

Follow the instructions on the package
Preheat oven to 375 degrees and it will cook for 1hr

Pretty simple, right?!

Side Dish:

Easy Potatoes 

4 potatoes (cut up)
1/3cup vegetable or olive oil
1 pkg Onion soup mix

Cut the potatoes and put in a baking dish, i used a 9×13 glass dish.  Mix together the onion soup mix and oil with the potatoes.
Bake at 425degrees for 35 minutes
On the back of the onion soup mix the recipe is there too.

It was a great dinner!

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