Home sweet Home

Documenting the adventure of making a home for our military family.


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Here is a quick look at where we are now.


I love being home.

A large cup of coffee and a good book while my son plays with his toy cars is a favorite.

In the last few years i’ve known home to be a few different places, at my parents, a townhome on base, my sister in law’s home, an apartment, and now a beautiful rental home!
Where we are now is wonderful and cozy.
Although¬†i’m limited to how I fix it up, i’m over-joyed with what I have been able to do.
Here are a few pictures for you to see:


A Quick Tip:

Did you know spraying flies with windex paralyzes them?
Spray away!

8 thoughts on “Home sweet Home

  1. Angela

    HA HA!!! Just a tad crazy, but hey if it works go for it! I mean it could get messy :) You could always hang those ugly fly sticky tapes up!

  2. Laura Post author

    Angela, you’re cracking me up! You know I have squicky clean windows today and not so many flies. It must just be me that can’t swat a fly?? I still think this is genius :)

    • Laura Post author

      Victoria, I am so stink’n happy to hear you do this too! I can’t believe how many flies we’re having around here but discovering this trick made it easier to kill them! Isn’t it fun?? I don’t know if they have been migrating near the windows for you but we have some super clean windows this summer!
      (I’m loving your blog still! Great stuff worth taking the time to read, thank you!)

      • MadeForVictory

        Yes hey are all over the windows! I am going to do some serious, serious, cleaning today. I hate bugs in my house! Another reason I don’t have any animals. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. I appreciate it. I am enjoying yours as well. Staying connected through FB has made it a lot easier to see all of your recent posts. I love that!

  3. MadeForVictory

    I am considering going over to wordpress.org so I can customize my site and make it look more professional. Have you thought of doing this? I am wondering if it is worth it. I don’t know how .com doesn’t allow you the flexibility. We can’t use google analytics or ads even if we wanted to give it a try.

    • Laura Post author

      I’m glad you mentioned that. Do you think it cost money to switch over? I recently switched from blogger and honestly this new site is exciting but confusing so i’m reading up on it. I didn’t realize the limited flexibility with .com
      If you do switch over will you let me know how it goes?

      • MadeForVictory

        Absolutely. It does cost money to have your own site, but I believe only around 10 bucks a month with GoDaddy. I am not sure what my site will turn into, but it would be nice to have it become a small income if possible. I am looking into become a certified life coach while I am in school to become an RD. I won’t be able to work full-time as a student in this program because I wasn’t born chem inclined.


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