Why Embrace?

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I am the writer. Give me a pen and paper and leave me along long enough and i’ll have a cramped hand in no time.

But you can read those words clear and that’s what we’re going for!
Embrace Your Life

Embrace actually means to take up willingly or eagerly.
{Keep that in mind}

I had kept a blog ‘The Life of a Young Navy Wife’. It was a narrative documenting this journey as a military spouse.  I was clueless to the military world and felt completely lost.  Through writing it all down it helped me to sort out the mess and I could see God was still in control.
Most of the blog posts written were actually used to minister to my heart as well as the couple of readers that stopped by.
I didn’t realize that at the time, but looking back it’s clear.

I decided this last summer to switch blog platforms and serve God through this blog by encouraging those He choose to bring along.
I changed the name to Embracing This Life because God had taught me that if I was ever going to live joyfully I’d have to accept these circumstances as a navy wife, as a mother, as a daughter far away, or as the new one out of her comfort zone.

It was hard!

But this blog gave me a place to come and share what God had been doing through a deployment and pregnancy, friendships, and what I was reading from the Bible.  It always means a lot to read a comment or receive an email saying thanks! can I share my story?
Even if they were few and far between I treasured the people who did and still do stick around to hear what I have to say.

You guys have dealt with poor grammar, failed attempts at being funny!, and my heart on the sleeve which may at times have been too much!

This blog is titled Embracing This Life because that’s what God is teaching me to do.  It’s in first embracing a relationship with Him and then embracing who I am in Him.
As I learn about Jesus and grow to love Him deeper I don’t want to just keep it for myself.
I want to see friends living life full from corner to corner.
I see the attempts to fill up elsewhere and I get that because I’ve been through that in my journey.

Whether it was boys, idols, marriage, motherhood, shopping, friends, etc.
God is a gentleman and won’t ever force you to take what He is offering.
He’ll nudge (I believe) but never force.
That’s the beauty of free will.

But I want God to see us embracing or taking up willingly whatever plan he lays out before us.
We can waste years living in bitterness because our plans didn’t turn out the way we wanted.  I have seen friend after friend hold onto hurt from years ago never deal with it but without their knowing it makes them hard.  They allow satan a foothold and they live in bondage.

When we humble ourselves for a minute and pick up our cross to follow Christ.
We find life.

When I consider how embracing this life looks from day-to-day in practical terms it means choosing an attitude like Jesus.
Which requires me to know Him first by spending time in his word or talking to Him.
I can’t change my status as a navy wife, I can’t change the sacrifice I am called to make.
But I can choose how I will respond to this life.
I can be a light to those in my life or I can be a burden.

We are going to face tragedy, death, loss, pain, relationships that fall apart and so much more.
Being planted firmly in Christ will hold you still during each new season you face that requires more strength.

As most of you know I had been working on a small book project titled, ‘Embrace Your Life’.  As I was editing this book my computer crashed and I lost the work.  Right now we are trying to restore old files but I may begin to re-write if we can’t restore the file because I believe this message is worth sharing.
The content is a collection of stories and God’s word.  As well as practical ways to live out truth day-to-day.  I am working through this myself and I hope you can read the book like two friends having a good conversation.
I make a promise to you that I will be real.  I won’t pretend or dress up my faith.
What you read is what you would see if you sat across from me.

I want you to learn to embrace your life no matter where you are.
It’s by God’s grace that you can.
That’s why I chose to Embrace.
To willingly take up this cross of mine and follow Jesus’ call to love Him and others.
Lets not hesitate any longer.

Will you join me?


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