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Last Friday I spent part of my birthday searching for a new home! Before I jump into this post, if you haven’t read about our cancelled deployment {read here}.  : )
That will explain how we’ve arrived here.

In about 10 days we’ll be moving into our new nest which happens to be a base home.  I am anxious to settle in and make it feel like our home.  We’ve moved a lot these last few years.  In the last 4.5 years we’ve moved about 5 times between the military moving us and the one time from of our apartment to the rental home, and now as a result of having given up our lease for this deployment. It can be exhausting and now i’m not sure what the next year holds for my husband’s job.
I don’t know how long we’ll be in this area but a sweet mentor and friend once told me to bloom where God plants you.  She said always live fully even if you’ll only be there for a short period.  Unpack, hang pictures and curtains, set out flowers, and make home a cheerful place for all that gather.
That is exactly what I plan to do, whether we live here for 6 months or 2 years.

But I won’t lie to you. As I told my husband, “I want to live in the country close to family, attend the same church, and have beautiful views out my window!”  He smiled and understood, but I want those things badly.  Yet, here we are…
Moving to a home with dark ceilings, old floors, and the potential for roaches…. 8)
But this is my choice.
To dwell on the unfortunate or rejoice in the facts.

My husband is home.
We have a roof over our heads.
There is a dishwasher and window above the sink.
There is a fenced in backyard
A pool and park down the road
Pest Control!
I have a God who is in the details and brought us here for a purpose.

I can’t wait to share with you some ideas I have for decorating our new nest on a budget.  This year I expected to bring you posts about deployment and how to thrive.  But you can expect to hear more about the military life, faith, friendships, and fixing up a base home! Sound good? I hope so! Deployments will come and we’ll continue work-ups for now.

House Idea #1 – Dining Room

My first dilemma to tackle was how to add some light to a room with dark wood ceilings and i’ve gathered a great idea.
String lights!
What do you think? (Over the dining room area)


I love the colors, lantern, and lights that would also make for a cozy room!
Hopefully what i’m envisioning will be nice.
: )
I will let you know!

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “Base Housing {Our New Nest}

  1. kathrynann24

    Great setup! Ours is quite similar except it’s two stories. I love the lighting idea I think it will look great and can’t wait to see a picture of when you have it finished! I am so bad at these kind of ideas so I love reading about how others do it! Good luck!!

    • Laura Post author

      I have been gathering ideas but I’m not good at this stuff either! I’m thankful for pinterest and other wives that have shared ideas. :) I hope the lights turn out becuase in my mind it will look great but sometimes what I have in mind doesn’t come out right ha. I’ll make sure to share if it turns out!


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