Numbering Our Days

Embrace the moment

At 25 years old I never imagined giving thought to dying.

The days still seem endless at this point.

A few weeks ago two friends from high school passed away.  It was hard to believe because both were only a year younger than myself..  One was a mother to a little boy around Garrett’s age even.  I was thinking over their life and how I loved each one. The sudden end to their lives was another reminder that what we’re doing here won’t be forever.

Another reminder was from two people who I don’t personally know.  Each shared their own battle with cancer. {It’s tricky to write this next paragraph because one has passed away and the other is still journeying through cancer. I’m trying to balance between writing in the presence and past tense so sorry if I mess that up!}

Kara Tippetts wrote a book, ‘The Hardest Peace’ that I read recently.  It really has changed my approach to life.

David Landrith was a pastor of Long Hollow Baptist Church in Tennessee. He passed away this week after an intense battle with a rare cancer.

Each of these two share(d) a radiant outlook on the days ahead of them.  They share a beautiful hope that catches your attention. Though both honestly share about the place of pain an illness like cancer is, their hearts are at peace.  That’s amazing to me. To go through a brutal sickness and experience peace in the midst of it all.

As they each walk(ed) through the journey of cancer one thing was clear. Their faces are turned to Jesus. They both reflect Jesus so well.

I have learned a lot from each of them and ultimately their impact has brought me closer to Christ.

Death is intimidating and it’s a part of life that I typically push aside because the shadow that death casts is frightening.

Sometimes I forget to embrace this life as each day comes.

Life is precious and short.  I’ve wasted days, this i’m certain of.

The reality is that there is an end.  The hope is that what is on the other side is better.

I remember one evening laying on my bed writing and as I shared about how I longed to see Jesus I experienced an overwhelming excitement. All of creation is said to groan for the return of Christ (Romans 8:22). This is true in my case but that evening was met with a sweet reminder that  I will be with Jesus face to face one day.  Having faith without sight will not be forever!

I don’t mean to be morbid.  That’s not my intention.  But I have acted for a long time that my days aren’t numbered and I just don’t believe that’s wise anymore.

I bumped into this verse last week.  It’s changing me.

Psalm 90:12
So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.

{It’s believed to be the oldest psalm and written by Moses.}

I don’t think the intention is for us to walk around filled with dread.  That’s not the attitude God calls us to have at all. This message that our days are numbered (one that is talked about many times in the Bible) is suppose to revive our souls to live and love all the more!


Embrace each moment.


Live richly by being intentional in relationships.

Love is great in theory. Being kind and concerned with others are great ideas but how often does it really get played out? For me I know that I could be so much better at loving. Learning!

* * *

Going back and forth on whether or not to post this I decided to be brave with it.  If you’re like me, maybe you too forget what is important.

I don’t want a tragedy in life to be what changes how I live.  Do you know what I mean?

I want to grab each day God gives and live each moment for His glory. If then something does rattle up my world then I want to have already been living how God called me to. <3

Psalm 34:1-2
I will bless the Lord at all times;
his praise shall continually be in my mouth.
2 My soul makes its boast in the Lord;
let the afflicted hear and be glad


Enjoy Thanksgiving this year by giving thanks for the people in your life and showing them how much you cherish them.

Until next time,



From Panic to Peace

‘Oh yeah, I trust God!’

Often I believe this to be true but I realized this really isn’t the case. I do everything but trust Him.

I chat with friends over issues.  I think endlessly about problems.  I feel sick over things even. I tend to be anxious over almost anything.

It’s kind of funny how the events played out but I knew there was a particular area that was eating me up and stealing every last ounce of peace and joy left in me.  I could hear people telling me to relax or knock it off but I just couldn’t get a grip.

A lot of it was with issues that personally affected me but also on a grander scale in our world and country too. It seemed like everything was coming apart at the seams.  Everything I read or talked about with others were problems with this or that.  I just wanted those conversations to lead me to a place of peace again or some solid ground. Do you ever experience that and all you can do is panic?

When our perspective changes for the worse it can be hard to gain our footing. There are serious blows that knock us down and change how we see.

So I prayed about it and continued to confess, that I was acting a little nutty {and bitter}, before an amazingly patient God.

I won’t spill every detail of the unfolding but I stopped spending my time reading about every issue to impact our churches, and every opinion about how to raise a child, or the play by play of the latest tragedy.  Instead I leaned into the presence of God.

There was a definite change in my heart from panic to peace.

The greatest gift ever received in my life was accepting Jesus Christ and how He came to live and die for us. It has changed my life greatly and in his dying He set me free from a lot of junk.  I hate when I allow situations in my life to cause me to go into such great anxiety that I end up looking foolish.

So I preach at myself in the moments I feel my freedom threatened.

God is over everything and ultimately in control.  Nothing has slipped past Him that He is unaware of.

There is a balance to be found between being aware of the issues in life, church, family, and friends without letting it consume me.  I believe it’s like the Bible says…

1 Peter 5:7
Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.


That’s where I’ve started at least and I’m thankful for a lighter heart because it has given me room to laugh and smile again.. A LOT.  But even deeper is this calm that has washed over me and I know that this is what trusting God really looks like.

* * *

In other news I started decorating for Christmas! Last year I had actually decorated two weeks before this! The fact that some of you are still around to read what I write amazes me.  See, I am really loved!  But this year was different and I waited to enjoy our fall home a little longer.  I am excited that the Christmas decorations are being put out though.


There will be a Christmas Home Tour in December but I will share this one photo with you! My mom actually made that pillow and I can’t get over how talented she is!

I also watched some Christmas Hallmark movies last night and even though some of them are a little goofy I still love them! In the comments you’ll have to let me know you’re absolute favorite movie this time of year.


* * *

How have you been? We haven’t connected in this place for a while!
I am trying to decide how to go about this blog in the future. As life changes so does the things we’re able to spend our time on but I think if i’m creative and organized I can still make this work because I love it so much.

Until next time!



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Thoughts on this Sun-filled Day!

It’s a chilly, sun-filled Sunday!  I love the mix of rainy and bright days we’ve had the last few weeks.DSC_0904

I have too many thoughts to write down but here are some of the big ones worth sharing in this place.

1.I have discovered a delicious breakfast. Wheat toast, honey drizzled on top with a few bananas laid on top. Whoa! This scrumptious creation has been a highlight! Darren nods his head acknowledging my claims that it’s the best breakfast but he has yet to eat it so would you and then we can both rave over this?

2.Yesterday I was running while listening to some of my favorite Christian music and it was a blast! I don’t know why but this one cracks me up..

Even now seeing the video makes me laugh!

Then this one came on..


At this point I was running harder and still smiling. ‘Into your word we’re digging deep to know our father’s heart..’ Those words are my heart right now.

3.This last year much of what I believed as a Christian was dumped onto the table and questioned.

I wrestled with some of the non-essential (still important) things of my faith.

If you didn’t already know, there are many versions of what it looks like to be a Christian. It’s confusing but I think clinging to who Jesus was as our model is the best way to navigate through these seasons. I’m glad God is okay with our ‘wonderings’ and isn’t  threatened by questions but He always called on me to have faith in those areas that don’t have clear answers.

4.I have lived an incredible 25 years and sometimes I forget this but God keeps making me more aware.

5.Kara Tippetts is amazing and this book she wrote was one of my favorites, even though it made  me cry.

6.After two years of struggling with infertility I’m over-joyed about my first-born. I hold the opinion that he’s a miracle.


7. Darren takes awesome pictures!10486367_10203732311926100_2697011383717364467_o

Enjoy the rest of this day!

Until next time,