A Relaxing Sunday

On a cloudy Sunday like this, we are all relaxing.

While Darren watches football, Garrett sleeps and I enjoy a cup of coffee while Willow snuggles against my leg. These kind of days are the best!

This last Friday I watched my sister’s boys overnight and we had a great time together.

These three are full of energy if you hadn’t guessed that. I’m easily wiped out after time with them because of how much energy they have compared to my lack of it! Coffee was helpful!  We’re grateful to have them here from time to time and Garrett loves playing with his cousins. They actually play great together too.

Saturday we drove them back home and helped their family move.  It was exciting to see my two sisters and brother. We were missing the oldest brother though!

family 1


I was uploading pictures today and forgot about taking this one..

They are my favorite!

* * *

Well I am going to enjoy the rest of this relaxing Sunday and I hope you are doing the same!

Until next time,



Our Autumn Home

On our way home from a walk to the park there was a chill that went to my bones and I smiled because Autumn has arrived. Before we know it a glorious display from the trees will unfold and I’m anxious to see it! You too?

fall 2014

I started decorating our house late last week by scattering tiny pumpkins on the main level of our house.  There are orange lights strung up in here letting off the perfect glow for darker days and cozy evenings.

fall collage

I’m reminded how much I love this time of year. It is cozy, beautiful, full of adorable scarves, boots, blankets, warm drinks, and tons of baking!fall chalkboard

Fall Kitchen

In our kitchen I added some small pumpkins near the coffee area and on the dish soap stand. (I just didn’t get a picture of that) These pictures don’t capture the ambiance if you know what I mean but it was really fun to pull out the tupperware labeled ‘Fall’.

fall shelf

One of my favorite things to pick up this year were the mums. I think they’re beautiful but not sure how long they’ll last inside? I’m keeping an eye on them. We’ll see!

indoor mums

I also had fun putting together a fall box!


I wish you could come over because I would make you look at the lights, eat pumpkin muffins with me, and drink delicious cups of coffee.

But I’d have to warn you about our new ferocious kitten…
I’m kidding, she’s actually very sweet and playful!

willow 3

Her name is Willow and it’s rare that she isn’t right under our feet or sitting next to me. I love that!

Willow 1

Sadly she isn’t feeling great right now and has a little infection, but hopefully her medicine will have her healthy soon.

willow 4 Garrett terrifies her but she’ll get used to him. He loves to stare right into her face and I guess that would terrify me too!

Until next time!


Our Great Weekend!

We had a great weekend!


concert picture

Friday evening Darren and I headed to the Hillsong concert with our church’s youth group. We grabbed some coffee for the trip and chatted all the way there. I loved having that time with my husband!


The concert was such a sweet time of worshiping our God.  They put on an amazing concert and didn’t spotlight themselves at all which was very impressive.

Christine Caine

Christine Caine spoke that evening and did a great job reminding us to not drop the baton of faith as we share it with the next generation.  She’s really an amazing woman who has a deep love for God and other people.

The last thing I wanted to share about that night was my favorite song from the evening.

It lays out what a Christian believes and brings unity to the body of Christ.

I especially love it because we’re in a time where Christians are more concerned with battling each other over doctrine and theology instead of coming together and using the gifts God gave us to love the people around us.

It’s a reminder to believers that when it comes down to it, we believe in the same essential things of God and that’s what unites us.
Here is the song..

* * *

From the concert we made our way to Darren’s parents home. We had a really great time!


on tractor


Garrett loved his new toy that my mother-in-law found for him! He still has to work on steering but he’ll figure it out.


We also spent some time on the boat! Garrett went tubing for the first time and loved every minute of it.


Pure joy in his face!

* * *

I have enjoyed the new stove top espresso maker so much. It allows me to make specialty drinks like a latte or mocha in the comfort of our home.

time for coffee

The world of coffee as I know it is expanding! It’s been fun to learn new things that save us a little bit of money too.

* * *

Hope you also had a great weekend! I’d love to hear from you.

What was the best concert you have been to?

Until next time,