Which One?



In one month my little guy will be turning 4 years old! How does time move this fast? These years have been a gift and I love remembering all the moments we shared.

Well today, my almost four year old and I were talking about his upcoming birthday. He quickly threw his hands up {like you would after some sort of defeat} and in a very upset tone yelled, ‘But how are we gonna get a cake, we don’t have much money!’

I quickly turned away from the sink of dirty dishes and didn’t know to laugh or feel terrible!

It’s sort of my fault…

Awhile back he was asking me if we could go to the airport to go on a plane and so I was trying to explain we don’t have a lot of money to take plane trips often. It makes me laugh at how he processes our conversations.

I assured him there would be cake!

* * *


The last time I wrote we talked about the possibility of leather couches and then our car died, partly in the road and driveway. Isn’t it funny how things like that happen?

The car has been fixed and now i’m terrified of it dying again. I drove it to a friend’s house and the entire way imagined it shutting off and then my mind raced over what I would do in a situation like that. I like to be prepared. :)

* * *


Two of my favorite things in this world are coffee and conversation.

In the past I’ve experienced seasons of solitude. Where there may have been lots of coffee but very little conversation!  I learned to soak up time with my little family and the Lord.

However at this point in time my life is full of really great friendships.  I am so richly blessed and I thank God constantly.
My best advice is to keep showing up.

 I love to hide after making a fool of myself. Those conversations where you say too much or the wrong thing and want to crawl into a hole.

What has blown me away is in so many of these friendships they keep extending grace. They don’t heap on shame because I haven’t lived up to an expectation. Instead they give me room to grow and I love that example!

* * *


Since you are a trusted friend, I need your opinion. I bought this bench at a local thrift store for $5 and was beside myself with this great deal. However, the fabric doesn’t really go with my decor and am not sure which color to switch to.

which one

Hopefully this all made sense because I’m publishing it with hardly any revision! I just need to get going again.
We are cleaning and doing a few days worth of dishes because I have been that busy.

Tonight i’ll be spending time with a group of toddlers who have the ability to wipe out all energy left in you but still fill your heart to the point of spilling over.
These munchkins remind me to enjoy simple things, teach me how to have the best dance parties, and how to stand amazed by nearly everything. Their arguements last all but a few seconds and then they are over it and back to smiles. What’s not to love about an evening with them!?

Until next time,


Contemplating Changes

The snow is blowing wild here today. From the roof it sweeps past our window while the sunshine causes it to sparkle. It’s really fun to watch as I contemplate changes.

The doctor’s office called to let me know the results of an allergy test I had.  I am allergic to cats and dust mites.

It’s so nice to finally know. I had been going crazy this spring/summer/fall not knowing what was making me feel terrible.

We did take home a kitten a few months ago and I knew from the obvious reactions that between the litter and her I wasn’t feeling well on top of what I’d already been experiencing. Medication has been helpful but not in stopping hives.

Well anyways I was looking on the internet researching ways to cut down on dust mites and there were some very helpful tips. The two places in our house that I am considering a change would be our bed and couches.

We purchased the mattress and couches as part of a packaged deal when we first bought furniture. It was right before our wedding and actually that’s been almost 7 years ago! So our furniture has been well used and most of it is now falling apart from the many moves.

I looked up the ideal couches for someone who is allergic to dust mites and found out leather couches are the best.  WELL…

I thought from a design stand-point if leather couches would even fit my style and hopped over to pinterest to discover sure enough that would be beautiful.

THEN I moved to the next step of price checking a leather couch and my mouth dropped. Beautiful but expensive!

When we sat down this last December to update our budget one of our discussions was what to be saving for this year in terms of larger purchases and we didn’t really nail down specifics but i’m eager to revisit that conversation and see if a new couch purchase would work this year.

Now onto the fun part of dreaming, while I sit on my old dust mite infested couch. :)



* * *

This is from Lauren’s blog. What a gorgeous set-up.


Here is one from Pottery Barn. I am Day-Dreaming! How does one spend $5,000 on a couch?
Well it is a very sophisticated looking couch and I’m sure feels like smooth butter on your skin.

One more!


Desiree put together an awesome inspiration board on her website. I love the different ways to style a leather couch. So much creativity!

Earlier in the day I slumped my chin down into my hands trying to figure out how on earth we could afford furniture at this point and thought how I could maybe help contribute financially. I could write that book, or finally get serious on this here blog of mine and place ad spots up and pursue companies who would want to place a helpful ad to my friends. When I would finally earn enough money to buy this dream couch I would be asked in an interview what led me to write this best-selling, insightful book on significance and I would have to answer honestly..

Dust Mites. 

: )

I hope you are having a lovely day and staying warm!

Until next time,


Leaning into the New Year

As we turn the page from one year to the next I am giving thanks and living in these days fully.


This Christmas I gave myself a gift.

No expectations. 

It was really nice to decorate, bake, craft, watch Christmas movies and not feel like it was a requirement. Of course I wanted to do those things but in years earlier it’s kind of a madness trying to squeeze everything in.

1505111_10204177338611489_4493417252274774182_n{Christmas fun}
IMG_0501{Baking together}


10849808_10204137369092276_1996043563269935231_n{Trimming the tree}
10613058_10204244753976831_2625915417226011744_n {Christmas morning}
10540565_10204260855259353_8854027672108377716_n{At a basketball game this last weekend}


Today I took one more peek over shoulder at this last year.  I was encouraged that there were so many moments where I grew an ever deepening trust that God is good.  

The verse that I end this year on is Isaiah 55:8.

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways.

The people of Israel were trying to make God fit the mold of their plans. How often have I done this during the last year! Well God spoke these words to them and as I read them over and over I find some peace in this thought.

That God’s thoughts and mine are different and He doesn’t have to explain it.  When He does give me insight I will love that but even when He doesn’t, He is still good.

* * *

As I woke up this morning I continued to remove our Christmas decorations and deep clean the house. It feels so wonderful to start with a fresh slate in our home.  The next few weeks I’ll be purging and making home simple again.  I love the fresh, clean lines in our house already.

I thank God that as we go into 2015 I have hope. That there is joy even where it doesn’t make sense.

This year we spent time with family.  That was wonderful!

Two trips by plane and plenty of car trips to visit other family members.

I made some amazing friends who have loved me really well and who I treasure.


My little boy grew through another year.

In all kinds of ways he grew and it causes an ache but also an excitement.


I was telling my oldest sister how hard it was to put away clothes and toys that he has outgrown.  I never intended for such a large gap between the children we had planned out and there are already boxes in our storage closet that make me sad.  I don’t want to add more.

She offers encouragement and it leads to hope again. Not just hope for another child but hope in God’s plans.

So there’s more to tell but I think about you…

How have you grown this year? What has God allowed to touch your life?  Are you growing in affection of Jesus Christ still?  I’m thankful you’re here and for how you have encouraged me this year. The stories you tell me remind me of hope and it’s been a gift that you would trust me with them.

As we go into this next year I wonder what we’ll walk through and how we’ll have grown…


Until next time,