Thoughts on this Sun-filled Day!

It’s a chilly, sun-filled Sunday!  I love the mix of rainy and bright days we’ve had the last few weeks.DSC_0904

I have too many thoughts to write down but here are some of the big ones worth sharing in this place.

1.I have discovered a delicious breakfast. Wheat toast, honey drizzled on top with a few bananas laid on top. Whoa! This scrumptious creation has been a highlight! Darren nods his head acknowledging my claims that it’s the best breakfast but he has yet to eat it so would you and then we can both rave over this?

2.Yesterday I was running while listening to some of my favorite Christian music and it was a blast! I don’t know why but this one cracks me up..

Even now seeing the video makes me laugh!

Then this one came on..


At this point I was running harder and still smiling. ‘Into your word we’re digging deep to know our father’s heart..’ Those words are my heart right now.

3.This last year much of what I believed as a Christian was dumped onto the table and questioned.

I wrestled with some of the non-essential (still important) things of my faith.

If you didn’t already know, there are many versions of what it looks like to be a Christian. It’s confusing but I think clinging to who Jesus was as our model is the best way to navigate through these seasons. I’m glad God is okay with our ‘wonderings’ and isn’t  threatened by questions but He always called on me to have faith in those areas that don’t have clear answers.

4.I have lived an incredible 25 years and sometimes I forget this but God keeps making me more aware.

5.Kara Tippetts is amazing and this book she wrote was one of my favorites, even though it made  me cry.

6.After two years of struggling with infertility I’m over-joyed about my first-born. I hold the opinion that he’s a miracle.


7. Darren takes awesome pictures!10486367_10203732311926100_2697011383717364467_o

Enjoy the rest of this day!

Until next time,




Going to Camp

I went to a camp this last weekend and it was a blast!p1300676

Part of the fun was picking outfits to wear for the few days we would be there. I read ‘casual’ as in fancy so I grabbed my favorite boots!



The reason for going to Camp Fairwood was for a ladies retreat my oldest sister invited me to.

On the drive up I was chatting with another woman but we were amazed with the fall colors. Wisconsin is beautiful this time of year. If you didn’t know, that is the state I grew up in!

The girl who sat next to me on the drive up was also a military spouse. I can’t explain how much I appreciate the unspoken understanding military spouses have for each other.  We chatted all the way up about our little boys, lonely circumstances after a move to new places, and more. It was a refreshing exchange and I’m glad she was there over the weekend.

We arrived after a few hours in the car to beautiful weather at Camp Fairwood. p1300684
This was our cabin. It was nice inside too!

The first night we ate the best camp food that I can’t even explain. I’m serious, it was incredible and I also ate the most delicious apple I’ve ever had in my life so that was exciting!


We had our first session with a guest speaker. She talked about feeling lonely in Church after making a move to Maine. I appreciated her honesty about something I’ve wrestled with for years.  I don’t think people understand how closed off they can come across. These amazing people remain hidden in their groups because they’re not really in the same need of community. It is a huge blessing when people expand their circles and let someone new in.

The speaker really encouraged us to notice others and I hope to live that out. Isn’t it easy to put your own needs ahead of everyone else’s? I’m always amazed at how quickly I move from selfless to selfish without even realizing it.

The rest of the night we were at the camp fire, went for a hayride under the breathtaking expanse of stars that went on and on. In the circle at the other fire the women were singing and it was incredibly peaceful to listen to.


I am all about honesty here so let me tell you..

I didn’t sleep in the cabin! I actually slept in the backseat of a van. : ) Oh yes! I am kind of the biggest bug wimp out there. I chose to sleep on the top bunk so my big sister didn’t have to but I didn’t know giant moths would attack a face! After killing too many I laughed and slipped outside to a cozy van. It was wonderful!

The next day I rolled out and we had a delicious breakfast, another session, and then hiked around the camp.


One of the activities that I didn’t plan on doing was shooting. Its not really my thing, not because I think it’s wrong but I’m afraid of guns. I go through all the worst case scenarios and get panicky. A little crazy because they’re not likely to happen at all but I ended up taking up a gun and shooting targets!

10346595_10203666257474780_7083847836330323566_nStrangely, I felt very brave.

This last picture is not me but I thought it was awesome! At the camp there was this giant swing. How crazy does this look? Now these are brave women!

It turned out to be a refreshing weekend away. I loved the time with my sister. She brings out the best in me and gives me room to always be real. I thank God often for both sisters and two amazing brothers!

* * *

Would you pray for me? I have been sick for weeks, almost months and we suspect indoor mold, kitten allergy, or outside pollen. I am going to make an appointment to be tested but I’ve been miserable day after day and it’s wearing me out making it hard to do what I need.  It kind of feels like the flu only without the throwing up. Some of the worst reaction happens at night so I am getting very little sleep these days. Prayers are appreciated for relief!

Thanks for reading all that today! I hope you have been well and are enjoying fall, isn’t it beautiful!?

Until next time,


A Relaxing Sunday

On a cloudy Sunday like this, we are all relaxing.

While Darren watches football, Garrett sleeps and I enjoy a cup of coffee while Willow snuggles against my leg. These kind of days are the best!

This last Friday I watched my sister’s boys overnight and we had a great time together.

These three are full of energy if you hadn’t guessed that. I’m easily wiped out after time with them because of how much energy they have compared to my lack of it! Coffee was helpful!  We’re grateful to have them here from time to time and Garrett loves playing with his cousins. They actually play great together too.

Saturday we drove them back home and helped their family move.  It was exciting to see my two sisters and brother. We were missing the oldest brother though!

family 1


I was uploading pictures today and forgot about taking this one..

They are my favorite!

* * *

Well I am going to enjoy the rest of this relaxing Sunday and I hope you are doing the same!

Until next time,