Change That Swirls About

ChangeHello friends!

I can’t let another week go by without writing here!

There has been so much swirling about in our lives and I’ve found it hard to sit down to write.  I want to share everything in detail but realize that’s probably not the best idea because I also realize this blog is open to everyone.  Trying to discern how much to tell is never simple!

As we have journeyed through infertility these last two years I haven’t enjoyed talking about it. It’s confusing for me and trying to process it on this blog didn’t seem right.

There hasn’t been any clear answers and often times I can’t find the words to pray.  It’s easy to give God shouts of praise when He is blessing us, but experiencing a trial can make giving praise tricky. My prayer is always that He would give me a better perspective. I believe He is good no matter what I’m facing but I still have questioned.

Why would a loving Father withhold a good thing like a baby? His plans are greater.  

Every time I catch myself wondering this, His reply is always Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

This last month I watched a dear friend welcome a new baby into her family who came through an adoption. Seeing how God brought their family together is a huge testament of His love. Seeing our friends become mom and dad to now two little boys is incredible.

Darren and I have prayed and talked about adoption and as of now we’re unsure this is the path for our family.  We are always open to what God has in mind but that hasn’t been made clear to us yet. It brings me hope that the Lord is aware of the plans He has for us.

I’m filled with hope because I know that even if I never have another baby, I have learned how precious my firstborn son is.


That his life was timed by God, and his days are set for a purpose. I have hope because Jesus was and is enough to fill my heart from corner to corner. His love will sustain me.

I do appreciate the prayers of those closest to me who have listened to my ‘wonderings’ and given me an encouraging word. You have no idea how great that has been to have people holding me up during some of those sad days. Thank you!

* * *

Our church met last night and proposed a new direction.

It was recommended that we merge with another church. I have come to love our church family and realize how bittersweet this is for many.  We are no strangers to change as a military family.

The thing that brings us pleasure at church has been that comfort of knowing what to expect each week and now it’s unknown.  I’d imagine for the people who have attended longer than I, this change is even more significant in their lives.  But so far I’ve seen amazing character from our leaders, elders, and those who have spoken to me about it.

These are tough times for our church in America and there is an active force to see the work of God put to an end.
It seems God is weaving His family closer together though.  We were always meant to be one body with one mission in mind. To reach the lost and tell of Jesus’ love, poured out for all.

I want to be a part of that and even if that means changing a few things, it’s worth it.

I’m praying for my church family, that God would gives us wisdom and both an open mind and heart to His plan.

* * *

In these days I realize the struggle between my love for pleasure and love for God is becoming a real battle.

I love to be comfortable.

At the same time I realize that a life devoted to serving God isn’t always full of pleasure. Sacrifice is not an easy request and it’s what God requires of those who follow Him.

Each week God presses this message against me and i’m learning how to apply what has to be different.

Well I hope your weekend was great! Thanks for listening to me. I hope you would find some encouragement today through what God is working about in our family.

To reach out to you a little, I wonder how your churches are doing. If you’ve ever faced similar circumstances and how you walked through that time with wisdom. I’d love to hear from you on this or just how you’re doing would be great too!

Until next time,


The Value of a Father

Value of a father

I grew up loved and cared for by an amazing father.


One of my favorite, ‘Dad Stories’ is when I flipped over my bike and took a nasty spill..

Some of the details are fuzzy but his response was to buy helmets, elbow and knee pads and enforce all five of us kids to wear them! It’s the little things like that which remind me how important I am to Him.

One a little closer to my heart and i’m not even sure he knows this was that I used to struggle with the fear of someone breaking into our house. As a small girl I would lay in my top bunk, entire body paralyzed in fear, until I heard his foot steps.
Instantly I’d be calm because my daddy was there and no one could hurt us because he wouldn’t let them.

I had a healthy respect of his authority. If was being disobedient, all he would need to say was my name.

Laura‘ TEARS!

I laugh now but seriously how easy was parenting for him!? Just kidding. :)

* * *

His hard work and contentment in life {No matter the difficult circumstances he faced} provided his children with a wonderful childhood.

The most admirable thing about him is his love for God and next my mother.

I saw a healthy marriage growing up and what a gift that was!


When He gave me away to be married he really let me go and I think that transition from my dad’s home to a home with my husband was more difficult than I’d imagined.

Sometimes I miss being little because I saw more of him. I loved going to his softball games, hearing his stories, when he would jam out to the Toby Keith tape in his red truck, and seeing him come home from work to kiss my mom right away.

I know as adults his children have made choices or dealt with things that have caused heartache for him. But he’s still been there, no matter what he has remained, even when it would have been easier to shake his head in disapproval and let us figure it out on our own.

We still need him as much today as we did when we were little. His guidance, wise counsel, and love.  It’s a gift that he keeps giving all of that.

* * *

My father is a pillar in my life and I admire him. He’s the most giving person I know. His discernment makes him an incredible leader too!

* * *

A father plays a key role in a daughter’s discovery of who she is. Whether he thinks so or not, he just does.

My own dad taught me that I mattered.

I want him to know how important he has been, as my dad.  I know that there aren’t any red carpets rolled out for a father or special awards given but your role is irreplaceable.

Without him I wouldn’t be who I am. He brought me up in the best way he knew how and I’m really grateful for how he did it. Full of love, laughter, and protection.

In a world full of fathers who leave without much thought, God gave me a dad who didn’t abandon me.

God set me in this family and hand-picked my dad and I to be father and daughter and I’m so glad he did it that way!

199462_1007919076054_3823_nHappy Father’s Day, Dad! I love you so much.




Fight for Perspective


Hello Again!

I have a few posts planned for next week about our trip to Arizona, our weekend of camping, and one about the decorating I’ve done around our living room. We are having a great summer and I hope you are as well!

Blogging is a really fun hobby but I have to tell you how much the connections made through this blog have meant to me. I appreciate those of you who read, comment, pray for, and encourage me through your own stories! {Thanks for being a part of this small community}

* * *

Today I wanted to tell you about something I’m fighting over a lot lately…


Distractions come from every direction and even the good things can turn sour quickly!

I value my relationship with God and that’s why I get so upset with myself when there’s this sense of distance.

It was my own pulling away as a result of losing sight of Him.

It amazes me how in no time I am filling up on a t.v. show, conversation with a friend, work around the house, dwelling over a problem, or investing all my time into a hobby.

So much of the Christian walk is about discipline and that’s something that I’m not always a fan of.

An hour spent looking at pinterest is easier than the same amount of time studying the Bible.  15 minutes praying for a friend requires more thought over pulling up facebook instead.

That’s why I have to fight over and over for a fresh perspective.

I have to remember God, who He is and what He has called me here for.  With the right perspective it changes my attitude and approach to how I live.

When I have a sour perspective it looks something like this..

-With a perspective on myself, I’m easily frustrated when the world doesn’t revolve around me.

-With a perspective on the evil in the world, all seems hopeless.

-With a perspective on my husband’s short-comings, I’m irritated and become a difficult wife instead of supportive.

-With a perspective on the spiders outside our front door, I am too nervous to sit outside and miss out on a beautiful day!

Do you relate at all? :)

There are many distractions but I’m encouraged by the reminder God gives us in this verse…

  Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.
Colossians 3:2

He understands all the ways our attention will be pulled for and that’s comforting to remember!

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Until next time,