January Recap

Garrett slipped out the back door to go have a snow adventure which gives me a moment to catch up with you here! I have this perfect spot looking out on the backyard to see him dashing back and forth with his Avenger weapons. He is out to win a battle of some sort and it makes me happiest to see him having this kind of fun!


I took a nap this afternoon because my body is spent. All of yesterday I set out to deep clean. Scrubbing tubs, washing the kitchen floor, putting things away, catching up on laundry and right about the time I started to feel accomplished..


this happened…

Every two days we are having to fold and put this mess back on his shelf. After his dresser broke we decided to move his clothes to the closet shelves. We decided on waiting to buy a dresser until after our move. Why did I think that was a good idea?!

Sometimes it’s best to shut the door and pretend there is no mess. Life with little tornadoes! I mean kids. :)

I don’t think i’ll ever satisfy this insane pregnancy nesting thing but I’m trying! I am after perfection and that’s impossible. :)

 * * *

The other week I started a bible study about David with a group of other women from church. My mentor mom from MOPS and I agreed to go together and it’s been wonderful.

I actually really look forward to the homework part. It starts my day off with the Lord and i’m learning a lot about David’s life that I didn’t know before.

* * *

We have found ourselves to be spending many days inside since winter is here. Typically I kind of dread these winter days but recently I’ve actually been enjoying the time with Garrett.

In another week I might tell you different! I’ve been actively looking for ways to get out of the house because cabin fever does not mix well with little ones. Any ideas are welcome!
FullSizeRender (1)
I was going through our freezer today and around lunch Garrett and I were sitting on the ground in front of the freezer when I asked what he wanted for lunch. He pointed to the bag of frozen vegetables. He won’t eat meat well but he sure does love fruit and vegetables. It’s always been interesting trying to get him to eat certain things like chicken because I would have to believe someone somewhere is staring at their kid who refuses the carrots. If it’s not one thing it’s another! :) IMG_5226

Preschool has been wonderful. Seeing Garrett learning and improving certain skills has been exciting. We really enjoy reading the books, the variety of activities, learning new bible stories, memorizing verses, and our book work.

Garrett will start Kindergarten in the fall and as of now I’m not really sure what we’re going to do. It’s hard to say because I’m not sure what kind of school district we’ll live in or where we’ll live even. A few weeks ago I spent a good deal of time researching and figuring out if I could even take on kindergarten at home. I trust the curriculum we’re using (Sonlight) but need to make sure that’s something that I can take on. As a military family moving around every few years I don’t know what God has planned as far as Garrett’s education.

I enjoyed elementary school so much and would love that for Garrett too. I’ve just learned not to force doors closed and be open-minded. All of that to say, even though i’m not sure what will unfold later this year i’ve enjoyed this time with him and will miss it!


* * *

At this point I am 32 weeks pregnant!

Each doctor appointment has gone smooth and both her and I are doing really well. I see a group of doctors and each one has been great. I’m nervous about the labor and delivery part but that’s normal!

I’m just incredibly grateful for a healthy pregnancy.

We aren’t setting up a nursery for her until we move and that’s been strange. I’ve tried to be creative with the small space for her in my bedroom. I was thinking of putting up a few decorations but right now it’s mostly baskets scattered around. :)

In a few weeks i’m going to be going to IF:Gathering at our church. Last year I watched the conference from the comfort of my home but i’m really looking forward to being with other women over that weekend. If you haven’t heard of it go to this website to learn more. Even if you can’t make it to a local gathering I know you’d be encouraged to watch online at home too.

Well I hope you’ve been doing well! Thanks for stopping in to catch up.

Until next time,


December Recap

Hey Everyone!

I hope you’re having a great December. Are you looking forward to Christmas this Friday?

I’m going to do a big recap of the last month. Starting with the end of last month because it’s been that long since I’ve posted!

Towards the end of November we were hit with a rather large amount of snow. It was beautiful!




Since then we haven’t seen much snow at all which feels really strange as we live in the mid-west and it is December after all.

Garrett continues to ask when we’ll see more snow. He was over joyed each time he slipped into his snow-gear. Darren and I went out too and I laughed hard watching Garrett being pulled on the sled. He had his head thrown back looking at the sky with the biggest smile across his face.


We spent about a week visiting my parents. It was really nice to be home around this time to enjoy my mom’s beautiful Christmas decorations. One day we went out and picked out fabric for the quilt she is making my little girl. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Handmade gifts are very special and i’m really grateful she does this.


This is our third year picking up a Christmas tree with Trees for Troops. We head over to the base and they have an entire set-up that’s really festive. I love a real Christmas tree because of its imperfections and that fresh pine smell. This year I was ready to swear off Christmas trees altogether after ours fell twice.

It was awful! We tied it up after the second fall and realized there was a strange bend halfway up the trunk of the tree. A handful of really special ornaments broke. I was able to fix two of them, thankfully!


Then I took this picture and my love for Christmas trees was re-kindled. :)

I finally took a step in the right direction with wrapping gifts this year. None of my best work is in a picture but seriously…I was thrilled. I used brown crafting paper and had nice ribbon to go with it. I learned it’s all about the creases from a wonderful Youtube video!

I didn’t take many pictures of our decorations but we sure did enjoy them this month. I love decorating for Christmas. I ended up starting over with my chalk board above the fireplace. I don’t have a new picture of that, sorry!

The picture below is the wreath I put together. I picked everything out at Hobby Lobby and it really wasn’t difficult to put together at all. I had picked out burlap for the bow and then I turned the corner and saw they were selling burlap bows! It wasn’t expensive either and looked much better compared with what I was going to do. :)


Darren and I agreed to buy a Keurig for ourselves this year as our gift to each other. We are really liking it while trying to be mindful of the cost of the k-cups. Darren picked it up from the Navy Exchange and came home with a great selection of flavors to try.



I wanted to share how I found this wonderful coat from Walmart for $18! I was not fitting into my winter jacket and saw the cost of maternity coats and really wasn’t sure what to do. But then I found this one and it’s perfect for the next few months. Don’t you love finding exactly what you need at a great price?

I have now been pregnant for 6 months! We are over-joyed at the thought of her. The other night was the first time feeling those sweet baby hiccups! I’ve loved those kind of moments throughout this pregnancy.

It’s a gift to carry her all these months and i’m thankful she is doing great.

There is still quite a bit left to do before we’re ready for her to be here. But we have plenty of time and I’ve put all baby preparations on hold for this week as we enjoy Christmas.

I have been feeling a little anxious over this coming year. With a new baby, a big move, Garrett starting Kindergarten, and the possibility of Darren deploying sometime in the second half of next year. It seems like we just moved to this area and before I know it we’ll be greeting the movers.

I’ll be jumping back into the hard part of military life and there is a part of me dreading it.
I’m glad God allowed our family this time to rest and be together. It was such a gift.  I’m also confident He goes before us and has a plan in the years ahead.  I know in times of difficulty He will be my peace. He cares for me and i’ve witnessed that my entire life.

* * *

Well I should wrap this up because I have some laundry to do and a little baking too! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Until next time,


He is Gracious

Last night I made out a list of everything we needed to buy for our little girl. Things were starting to come up in my mind and within the last week I was completely overwhelmed.

After making out that list I showed Darren and we both gave it a ‘wow’ and then I went away from it trying to process what we were going to do financially.

I brought up an article about having a baby on a budget and one point she made was sorting through wants/needs. So I sat up in my room preaching back to myself what is important. I want everything absolutely adorable and perfect for her but I realized that’s not realistic.

I sat for awhile talking to God and thanking Him for what we do have and just asked for contentment.
Then I returned to the list to weed out the wants.

It’s going to be okay, even when it’s not picture perfect. Isn’t that hard to accept at times?!

It’s amazing what happens when we start to name out loud what we’re grateful for. I find it helps let go of the things i’m worried over.

It helps shift my focus from those needs to how God has really showered us with love. He has provided and will continue to.

Which leads me to the sweet moment last night when I read a Facebook message from a friend who asked if I would want to borrow some maternity clothes. What a blessing!

* * *

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Whenever I pass the baby girl clothes I think of our sweet girl and i’m filled with joy. I love how God has planned out her life and that He is giving her to us.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

I wonder what she will be like. How our lives will forever be changed as it was when Garrett arrived. I pray for her heart and that one day she will seek God with all of it. I pray that she will care deeply for other people and that Darren and I can model all of that consistently.

* * *

I hope you are having a wonderful week! Thanks for sharing some of your time with me. I really appreciate it!

Until next time,