31 Days of Inspiring Blogs {31.Your Blog}


We come to an end with our 31 days of Inspiring Blogs and I want to thank you for following along!
Our last day is one i’ve actually wrote a few times in my head but now that it’s time to actually sit and write it I’m at a loss for words! But i’m going to attempt to display your blog in a shining spotlight.


Your Blog.

Have you ever wondered when your big moment will come as a writer? Do you spend countless moments thinking of posts to write or ways to encourage your readers?  Maybe a new design or a fun giveaway will draw new readers?
As you look over your blog do you ever feel it’s ‘just not good enough?’.

I spent a good deal of time chasing the wind in this blog world.
In other words, people pleasing!
It didn’t get me anywhere though except this sinking feeling that I should give up and stop writing all together.

Being a writer is about others yes but your blog starts with you and the way you share your stories.
Will you do something for me?
If you have 5 or 500 readers will you be grateful for each of those people?
Will you write for them week to week because they are worth spending yourself on.

Let me tell you why your blog is inspiring.

It’s your story that when shared is given an opportunity to be used by God in ways you can’t imagine.
How important is it to be real with people? Very!  They need a fresh perspective from time to time that leads them to think of their own life.

I know it’s tempting to dive into the exhausting swim against the current to be recognized and appreciated for your writing but your blog is already good enough.

Being recognized by the world is short-lived.  But being recognized by God is lasting!
When you bow to Him and place your words and blog at his feet is when he can use it.
It requires getting out of the way to some degree.
It’s hard for us to step out-of-the-way and let Jesus stand in but that’s what people need.
A mix of our story and God’s truth.

The neat thing is that i’ve read many blogs that do just that!
You may be a niche blogger with an opportunity to share Christ’s love, an author, a joke teller, A music enthusiast, military spouse blogger, graphic designer, product reviewer, a simple ol’ blogger, or just telling your family story.  Wherever you find your blog to fit I hope it’s been built on a solid foundation that is Christ.

If it is, you’ll find your blog and words stand through the winds this world will bring.
Keep writing your story, and sharing your voice that God gave to only you.  You’re going to inspire people to grow and be comforted to know they aren’t alone.

And remember your blog is inspiring, believe it and write for those that are already gathered around your place.

This concludes our 31 days series!
Thank you again!


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