31 Days of Inspiring Blogs {28.Muthering Heights and other senseless sensibility}



I am anxious to share with you Jessica, writer for Muthering Heights and other senseless sensibility.
I can’t say i’ve been reading her blog for a long time, in fact I only recently discovered it!   But God’s timing is always perfect!
She is such a gift for anyone who enjoys writing and needs a reminder to trust God.

I was excited to hear her keynote talk from the allume conference and oh boy did she deliver a great one!
I sat on the couch laughing one minute and letting words sink in the next.
God whispered through her words to remind me He does have a plan even if it’s not mine, and aren’t his plans better anyways?

To watch her video you can go to her site {HERE}. The sign up is free!
It’s wonderful, enjoy!

The other sweet thing about this girl is her family owns a coffee brewing business.
Of course she’ll make my inspiring blog list by this alone! 😉 Seriously I’m jealous.
To think of all of that coffee!
Will you take a look at their site?
Avodah Coffee
They also give a portion of the money made to organizations like Compassion, Samaritan’s Purse, and a few others.
I love the ministry involved in their business.  They’re about serving and that’s what I think is inspiring about Jessica.   She is a humble, funny, and good example of a girl who loves God and her family.

Please take a look at her blog today!
{Click Here}

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