31 Days of Inspiring Blogs {11.The LPM Blog}

Most of us have heard of Beth Moore and maybe have even taken a bible study of hers.

I love following along the Living Proof Ministry Blog that she writes for.
Whenever Beth speaks to a crowd of woman she allows Christ’ light to shine straight through her.
She steps on toes, loves, understands, and encourages a passion for God and knowing His word.
I learned to really love studying the bible through her bible studies.
Beth has experienced being broken and shares from experience.
She is very real about the pain she went through but also how we have freedom in Christ, and we can triumph over sin/hurt.

Around her blog you’re called a siesta (sister) which is fun! They have a big community push to memorize scripture and hold each other accountable.

They don’t promote her books on the blog but the book ‘So Long Insecurity’ was wonderful!

I hope you’ll take a minute to check out the Living Proof Ministry Blog.
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Let me know what you think!


2 thoughts on “31 Days of Inspiring Blogs {11.The LPM Blog}

  1. Rhonda

    Beth, I need to talk to you to someone….help me please….I think I have made a terribleistske and I am praying but not sure how to handle this…..can someone please help me?

    • Laura Post author

      Rhonda, I’m so sorry that you are struggling. My name is Laura and on this blog (in october) I did a series of inspiring blogs and featured beth moore’s. I don’t know her nor is this blog related to hers so i’m sorry you didn’t reach the source you were looking for. But I’m actually praying that whatever is going on right now with this would be smoothed over by God and that you’d be filled with peace. Again, i’m very sorry you are hurting.


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